What is this path I walk…

While hurdling through the storm, you came along,

Stitched my weakened heart with hope,

Since then we have had our share of joys, and our share of sadness,

We’ve laughed at the silliest of things and never held back our madness,

It tears my heart in two, when I think about it,

The words you said, they have clouded my mind,

Not with doubt but with fear,

And all I do now is pray for you to come near,

I don’t know what to do, I did all that you asked,

You kept putting restrictions, and I accepted them with a smile,

Did things your way, so you could make up your mind,

And even after all that, doubt was the only thing you could find,

Now my time to go is coming near,

And soon I shall be nowhere to be found,

You’ll lose sight of me and forget me in the clouded mind,

With only darkness left for you to find.


Apology (Dedicated)

You make my day bright,

Make me smile,

With you everything around is good,

Life flows like it should,

But now that you’re angry with me love,

It doesn’t feel so nice,

All I want to do is apologise.


Yesterday, 30th Sept. 2014, Mumbai was hit by lightning and thundering skies, heavy winds, and an hour of heavy rainfall. This left many people running to their homes from their workplace. Which in turn left the train stations to be overcrowded, people walking on the streets due to a cancellation of trains/delay of train/crowd and overcrowded public transport.

Ode to yesterday.

Poem #1

When it rains, it pours,

The clouds strike lightning, and the sky roars,

People are drenched before they know it.

Poem #2

As dark clouds covered the evening sky,

Lightning struck and thunder was all you could hear,

The trees swayed like mad,

Eventually, it poured.


I wish I could stay a little more,

I wish I could play,

I wish I could touch the sky,

I wish I could live another day.


I wish we were friend early on,

I wish I could meet you every day,

I wish I lived nearby you,

I wish I could live another day.


I wish I could show how much I love you,

I wish you’ll understand one day,

I wish I could see your face then,

I wish I could live another day.


I wish that you’d smile forever more,

I wish that my memories fade away,

I wish I could turn back time,

I wish I could live another day.

Livin the blues!

I look at the stars tonight,

Even the moon shines so bright,

Walking on this path alone,

I can’t stop now, gotta keep going on.


The clouds they gather in the sky,

It’s raining so hard, wish I could fly,

Wish I could go downtown,

Listening to the blues, gotta go keep going on.


There’re some people that matter,

Though they’re different, they’re together,

In life these people don’t remain,

Lost in the crowd, they play this game…no they can’t


Be less bothered, they can’t

Have their dreams shattered,


Waiting for the sun to shine,

There are clouds, they make him whine,

But, I have to walk this road alone,


I can’t stop now, gotta keep going on,

Just listening to the blues from night to morn,


Am livin’ the blues, from night to morn.

The Train (OldiesGoldies)

A long way to go,

A long time to ponder,

Views of half built structures,

Views of shelters along the tracks.


A long way to go,

People miss the roads and walk the tracks,

And as it passes,

It resonates its chugging all around.


Tick, tick, tick,

“Passes and tickets please”, says he,

And as he nears, some may skip a heartbeat,

But a station arrives, and in comes the crowd to save their lives.

Scribbles (OldiesGoldies)

A scribble just rough,

A scribble not rough at all,

A life so tough,

A life not that tough at all.


A blink of the eyes,

Must be dust, might be not,

A wink of the eye,

A gesture maybe, maybe not.


A look at the sky,

Admiration maybe, maybe not,

A gaze at the sun,

Must succumb or just might not.